Case Study Mar 17, 2021

Esri Help Desk Workflow Automation Using RPA

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The Challenge

A federal geospatial office has over 34,000 users requiring excellent customer support. To request support, users emailed technical issues, how-to questions, and other general inquiries – an inefficient method of providing solutions to customers. To improve customer satisfaction, this federal office asked Ardent to create a more efficient way to handle the volume user support requests.

The Solution

Ardent created a customized workflow automation system by combining Esri with Python. Esri Survey123 ingests user service tickets, and a custom Python script aggregates the service tickets into a data set. The process incorporates a notification feature to send an email alert every time a request has been submitted. The data set is displayed in an Esri dashboard to manage ticket assignments, updates, closure information and analytics/reporting tools.

The Outcome

RPA improved processes for receiving, assigning and tracking requests. In four weeks, Ardent developed a new workflow that leveraged existing platforms and software, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The solution has greatly improved customer service and has given the federal geospatial agency’s leadership a better understanding of their users’ wants and needs. The federal geospatial agency now provides a better user experience in a more efficient manner.

Tools used to achieve these outcomes:

  • Esri Survey123
  • Esri Dashboards
  • Esri ArcGIS Enterprise
  • Python