Location Intelligence

Decode the where and why through Spatial Data Science, Spatial Data Infrastructure, and Spatial Applications/Platforms.

  • Spatial Data Science
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    Spatial Data Science

    The nexus of our Data Science and traditional “GIS”, Ardent combines expertise in spatial data, software programming and analytics to better understand the spatial context to our customers’ mission.

  • Spatial Data Infrastructure
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    Spatial Data Infrastructure

    Ardent specializes in national spatial data policies, governance, and management with unique data access and management needs.

  • Spatial Applications & Platforms
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    Spatial Applications & Platforms

    From traditional COTS integration to custom development, Ardent specializes in building, deploying, and hosting highly secure cloud spatial applications and platforms.

  • Interpret the Where and Why

    Ardent’s spatial data science services enrich traditional GIS locations with context and insights that empower your mission with actionable data.

  • Governance and Management

    With experience with the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), national security, and more mission-critical government committees, Ardent creates custom access and governance rules for data infrastructures.

  • Development, Security & Hosting

    Trust Ardent’s geospatial technology capabilities to meet customer needs at every stage of the program lifecycle.

Proven Location Intelligence Success

  • RPA for Advanced Esri Portal Metrics

    Ardent used Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  to create a real-time dashboard to provide insight on user behavior and Esri application mission use.

    Read Our Case Study
  • Esri Geospatial Data in AWS Cloud

    Ardent successfully moved the largest geospatial data set in the civilian federal government to AWS.

    Ardent’s RAPID Approach for Migrating Your GIS Enterprise to AWS
  • Rapid Geospatial Data Migration

    Ardent moved 300 open data sets to the Department of Interior GeoPlatform website, supporting over 10,000 monthly views and 19,000 data downloads.

  • Esri Partner of the Year

    Ardent—Partner of the Year—Partnered with Esri to develop high-end geospatial mobile and web-based applications for government clients, giving them the situational awareness to monitor natural and man-made events regarding national security.”

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