Data Science + Analytics

Use your data to create actionable insights, make better decisions, and automate activities to keep your people, organizations, and systems safe and resilient.

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  • Actionable Intelligence
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    Actionable Intelligence

    Our analytics services help clients visualize data and answer specific business problems using available data and tools.

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  • Data Exploration + Management
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    Data Exploration + Management

    Our data management services explore and transform big data into valuable strategic assets.

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  • AI/ML Solutions
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    AI/ML Solutions

    Our AI/ML solutions predict future trends, detect hidden patterns, process complex calculations, augment decision-making, and automate tasks.

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  • Your data tells a story. Are you listening?

    Dashboards, visualization, and analysis for business intelligence. CDO advisory services include strategy, policy, ethics, and design consulting.

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  • Data fuels your organization. We build the pumps.

    Full lifecycle management of your data--architecture, governance, cataloging, ETL pipeline, discovery, prep, integration, and archival.

  • Machines will augment, not replace humans.

    Get the next generation of predictive AI and MLOps to power anomaly detection, modeling and simulation. From RPA and software bots to computer and text classifiers - Ardent is ready to automate your systems.

Proven Data Science & Analytics Success

  • COVID-19 Dashboard

    In the wake of COVID-19 Ardent stepped up to provide real-time dashboards of worldwide outbreak data with precision accuracy.

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  • Data Cluster Analysis Dashboard

    This ML dashboard is an example of how machine learning can help human analysts sift through big data to identify patterns and predict trends.

  • CrowdTrek

    AI/ML software application ingests images of crowds to count people and determine movement patterns to keep people safe.

  • Augment Your Intelligence

    Multiply and amplify the intelligence of your team using AI/ML-based applications. Make better and faster decisions based on dynamic evidence.

  • Know the Unknowns

    Ardent services manage, transform, connect, and combine your data to unlock its potential and answer questions not yet asked.

Let’s Put Your Data to Work

Ardent is ALL IN. Let us help you realize the full potential of your data via:

  • Actionable Insights
  • Data Exploration + Management
  • AI/ML Solutions