Jun 21, 2018

ArdentMC Establishes Tulsa Area Drone/UAS Partnerships

TULSA, OK, JUNE 21, 2018 — As ArdentMC expands their drone/UAS capabilities in Tulsa, they’ve made some important connections to grow interest in Geospatial Information System (GIS) careers in the Tulsa area.

Representatives from Tulsa Community College, the Osage Nation, and ArdentMC met at the Tulsa Airpark on the site of the new Osage Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, OK. The main topic of discussion centered on Geospatial education and the importance of growing a local community of GIS professionals.

ArdentMC demonstrated the precision flying of their flagship Ebee Sensefly drone at the Tulsa Airpark. In high winds, the Ardent drone was able to gather hi-resolution images of the airpark and surrounding area. The drone was programmed by Zach Gordon of ArdentMC’s drone division to follow a precise route and altitude while gathering geospatial information. The demonstration was attended by officials from the Osage Nation, such as Assistant Principal Chief Raymond Red Corn and the Tulsa representative from US Senator Lankford’s office, Derek Osborn.

Combining the different objectives of each partner, there is an opportunity for a new and exciting field of employment in the Tulsa area.

  • The Osage Nation has a desire to utilize the Tulsa Airpark as a community resource for budding drone pilots.
  • Tulsa Community College offers valuable courses in GIS and is promoting interest in the field.
  • ArdentMC has the opportunity to employ GIS and UAS professionals that are based in Tulsa but deployed nationwide to assist in various projects.

All parties are enthusiastic about the prospect of creating a local employment pipeline that will be a direct benefit to the Tulsa area economy. To help attract students to the GIS course of study, ArdentMC has offered to fund GIS related scholarships for TCC students in the Fall of 2018. These scholarships will help students that may not have considered a GIS career path to get involved, and possibly lead to a dynamic GIS career without the need to leave the Tulsa area.

Look for upcoming events at the Tulsa Airpark for amateur drone enthusiasts and profession UAS pilots alike.


About ArdentMC

ArdentMC is a small business information technology (IT) firm, appraised at CMMI-Dev Level 3 with offices in Reston, VA, Washington D.C., and Tulsa, OK.  ArdentMC brings a significant record of work supporting USCIS in its adoption of Agile architecture, management, and development. ArdentMC also works with the Geospatial Management Office (GMO) in support of geospatial objectives through its ongoing contract engagements on the National Operations Center (NOC) Common Operating Picture (COP) and the Geospatial Information Infrastructure (GII).  Each of these programs focus on information sharing and collaboration. For more information on ArdentMC visit www.ardentmc.com