Geospatial Information Systems

ArdentMC—Partner of the Year—Partnered with Esri to develop high-end geospatial mobile and web-based applications for government clients, giving them the situational awareness to monitor natural and man-made events regarding national security.

A Practical Approach to GIS

ArdentMC’s focus on Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) represents a customer-centric approach rather than a subject-matter-centric approach.  Historically, Geospatial Information Systems have represented models of finer degrees of precision, and nuanced feature information that provides an increasingly realistic representation of the world around us.  At the same time, the commoditization of visualization capabilities has resulted in explosive growth in the web-based, mash-up market that is the dominant way most users first experience location-based technologies.  ArdentMC harnesses these commodity technologies, connects them to high precision GIS systems, and integrates the same with organizational mission systems, to deliver a GIS experience that focuses on the needs of the end-user. This approach represents ArdentMC’s Practical Approach to GIS that we expect will increase the number of GIS users in the years to come.

Approach to Changing Technology

The geospatial industry has undergone tremendous change in the recent past, moving away from complex/niche environments to mobile, lightweight, and rich-end user environments.  ArdentMC welcomes and adopts this change in our beliefs around geospatial/location-based technologies that end user requirements are no longer dictated by market available geospatial technology, rather that geospatial technology is an enabler of business and mission systems.  ArdentMC’s success is driven by our beliefs and approach in technology coupled with our client dedication, allowing for successful delivery and long-standing relationships.

Client Focus

ArdentMC’s success is only gained through our client’s success.  As a small business, ArdentMC focuses on the client delivery through requirements and dedicated relationships.  ArdentMC has had its success in delivering geospatial systems through this client focus, building strong capabilities through long standing client engagements.  ArdentMC has been supporting clients with a focus on geospatial capabilities within the Homeland Security mission space, starting with the development of the Infrastructure Common Analytic Viewer (iCAV) 10 years ago to our current work supporting National Common Operating Picture system development.  While ArdentMC has a growing client base, much of this growth has been through existing client recommendations which to us, is the best kind of growth.  This allows ArdentMC to continue client delivery and build client relationships through close ties and program integration. Our value to clients is not in how many add-on’s we bring, rather how our understanding of program goals and mission needs is delivered through geospatial technology.

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Our Approach

Client Focus

Rich End-User Environments
Mobile and Lightweight
Operational Awareness
Situational Awareness
Agile Process

Practice Areas

Program Management Support
Planning and Engineering
Geospatial Analysis and Collection
Application Development
Data Management
Geospatial Mapping

Our Work

Geospatial Technical Support Services
Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Support
Geospatial Information Infrastructure
Geoplatform Programmatic Support
Emergency Management Response

Our Partners

DHS • FEMA • ESRI• U.S. Coast Guard

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