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Save Time.

What will your organization do with the countless hours saved by Ardent’s drone solutions? Our UAS program virtually eliminates the administrative headaches of outdated alternatives.

Our FAA-certified team flies on-demand missions that can cover 100 acres in just 20 minutes. Forget about the risks and logistical hurdles of manned missions, and start saving valuable time with ArdentUAS.

Save Resources.

Ardent’s drone solutions come at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. Manned flights require months of lead time and risk considerations, while UAS missions can take a little as 1-2 days from initial request to final delivery.

In a world increasingly dominated by smart, demand-response technologies, ArdentUAS is ready as soon as you need us. We fly on your schedule, and won’t put a hole in your budget.

Be Precise.

Our drones deliver 1.5-inch accuracy, versus the 5-inch accuracy offered by traditional aerial imagery. This allows users to zoom right down to the ground level and view ultra-high quality, non-pixelated maps.

As experts in GIS, emergency response, and situational awareness, we understand the value of precision when it comes to aerial images. Our drones deliver the accuracy needed to help you organization thrive.

Our Process.

ArdentUAS has you covered for every step of the mission. We are Part 107-certified, and deeply knowledgeable about FAA and other relevant regulations, enabling us to clear the compliance runway for your UAS mission.

Ardent has been designing, building, and implementing geospatial solutions for public and private entities for more than a decade. We know how to quickly understand your unique needs, build requirements, and built cost-effective, lasting solutions.

Precision flying for a large federal agency

A large federal agency and longtime Ardent client expressed a need for updated imagery of their facilities to plan new construction efforts and to refresh of naming and numbering configurations for their parking areas to align to new security and wayfinding initiatives. The alternative to leveraging UAS technology for this effort would have been a traditional manned mission, which would call for its own procurement effort, higher costs, logistical and risk-related concerns, insurance considerations, and a number of other undesirable externalities. Using our eBee fixed-wing drone, we were able to complete a mission that would have taken multiple months in just 48 hours, at a fraction of the cost. Ardent’s FAA-certified drone pilot conducted two missions with a total flight time of less than two hours, providing a fully up-to-date map of significantly higher quality than the agency had previously been able to obtain otherwise. The agency expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the quality of the imagery, the fact that their GIS analysts were able to begin leveraging the data so quickly, and the immense cost, resource, and risk reductions/savings.

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Industry Focus

First Responders

In the immediate aftermath of natural or man-made disasters, our drones can quickly reach areas inaccessible by traditional means and provide real-time data that saves lives. We have led federal R&D efforts for real-time data ingestion and analysis tools for first responders, and have designed and built in-field mobile damage assessment solutions for FEMA reservists.


ArdentUAS supports clients in the agricultural industry by providing highly accurate, frequently refreshed aerial imagery to monitor the status of crops, fields, and livestock. Drones can gather data on plant health and the presence of diseases, crops, and weeds. We also capture 3D/volumetric data to capture precise data on hills, holes, patches, and other important physical features of any area of land.

Facility Planning

Our drones provide incredibly accurate maps and 3D models to plan construction and changes to facility layouts, with exponential cost, time, and resource savings. We are a leading Esri small business partner and GIS integrator for DHS. We bring recent, relevant experience providing 1.5-in accuracy drone maps for satisfied government customers.

Security Planning

Our drones provide real-time SA and geospatially correct maps to plan personnel locations, staging areas, and monitor high-security events in progress. We have successfully performed planning and coordination for countless high-profile events, including the Super Bowl, the Oscars, State Visits, marathons, etc.

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