Responder Cloud

During both routine and unplanned events, having access to information is critical for First Responders to effectively and efficiently meet the mission. Our First Responder Tools help to bridge data gaps between jurisdictions during a time of crisis.

Agile Information Sharing

  • Access to information as it is needed
  • Across multiple devices including desktops and mobile devices
  • Ability to customize the view

Easy to Use Personnel and Asset Management

  • Ability to see all personnel and resources across agencies
  • Personnel data that is exchanged is viewable in map view format
  • All assets including vehicles in the field are reporting their position

Secure Access and Exchange

  • Minimal configuration and setup time
  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Secure transfer of data in transit and at rest
  • User authentication enabled
  • Secure and reliable cloud data storage

Open Source and ESRI Operations Dashboards

Both the Open Source Dashboard and the ESRI Operations Dashboard were created to help visualize the data collected Vortex from both personnel (WatchTower) and vehicles (PinPoint/ PiPoint) for use in emergency situations. In addition to data from our tools, the Dashboards can visualize data ingested into Vortex via plugin or standardized means. Open Source Dashboard uses open source software such as GeoServer and Leaftlet while ESRI Operations Dashboard uses ESRI Portal and ArcGIS. The Dashboard allows for user-controlled manipulation of data and views to ensure unnecessary data is filtered out and proper focus is maintained.

WatchTower Mobile Features

  • View multiple data sets on an integrated map
  • Filter and refIne data based on user desired view
  • Provides ability to create Situational Reports in the fIeld
  • Capture and Attach Photos to the reports
  • Enhance situational awareness with the ability to review First Responder reports and photos in the fIeld
  • Connect to wearable sensors

Easy Installation and Operation

  • Install on personal or issued mobile devices, no expensive equipment required.
  • Utilize easy application interface with no learning curve
  • Uses gear already in place
  • Easy server set up and configuration
  • Leverages secure cloud for scalability and reliability out of the box

The vehicle solution – PinPoint / PiPoint

PinPoint, a Windows application, runs on laptops deployed in responder vehicles. PinPoint interfaces with a GPS unit and provides position continuous position reports. These reports are ingested and viewable on the WatchTower mobile app or Dashboard.

PiPoint, is a smaller footprint version of PinPoint that runs on Raspberry Pi. PiPoint requires minimal hardware, with reduced size and weight allowing for utilization on vehicles with limited space such as motorcycles, bicycles, Segways, and Gators.

Vortex Message Routing

Vortex is a messaging system that provides information aggregation and publishing. It is built specifically to handle Emergency Management Data. The power of Vortex is its ability

to create rules for data filtering and federation allowing the system to process information and deliver the content to the right location per predefined specifications. Vortex can send data to multiple destinations depending on the scenario, it can be conf1gured to only share certain types of information across a large user base or only with a selected few. Vortex increases its power through the use of plugins created to read information from 3rd party sources. For instance, a Vortex plugin can read information from an existing Computer Aided Dispatch program and deliver that information to all Vortex users. By taking advantage of cloud computing, Vortex boasts security, high availability, fault tolerance and multi-tenancy. Due to its end to end transparency, first responders are guaranteed ease of access to information with little manipulation.

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