Contract Number: 70RTAC19A00000004
Date Awarded: September 30, 2019


Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Geospatial Technical Support Services (GTSS 2.0) Department-Wide, Strategic Sourcing Vehicle provides capability for supporting programs throughout DHS with geospatial analysis and situational awareness technologies. Services include delivering critical geospatial mission support in the areas of emergency management during natural and manmade disasters, planning for National Special Security Events (NSSE), securing the northern and southern borders, enforcing immigration and customs regulations, maritime security and other law enforcement missions, and protecting essential critical infrastructure.

GTSS 2.0 BPA scope of services provides situational awareness capabilities to DHS Operations that rely on location-based technologies for decision support including:

  • Task 1 Program and project management services –  Report on utilization and adoption of geospatial technology, the impact of geospatial programs, initiatives and geospatial capabilities.
  • Task 2 Solutions engineering, system design and implementation – Perform a variety of systems engineering tasks concerned with systems; design, integration, and implementation; perform test and evaluation tasks, cloud migration, and DevOps.
  • Task 3 Analytics and data processing activities Create and develop geospatial products and geo-processing tasks; identify geospatial data needs to support geo-analysis; compile and maintain geospatial metadata and deliver  in shareable formats.
  • Task 4 Enterprise and technical architecture actions Provide technical data, security, identity management, and systems architecture analysis and assessment for architectural products of the enterprise and operation business lines; advise on network processing, client/server structure, data storage and access, systems integration, ensure compliance with DHS Enterprise Architecture policies, standard, and procedures. 
  • Task 5 Data processing and Management Activities –  Design, implement and maintain geodatabases, access methods, access time, device allocation, validation checks, organization, protection and security, documentation and statistical methods in a geospatial data warehouse environment; review object and data models and the geospatial metadata repository; review geospatial data governance Geospatial Data Modeling; Metadata development and alignment data standards. 
  • Task 6 Cloud managed services, DevOps, Operations and Maintenance Provide corrective and preventive maintenance; cloud migration and managed services, maintain Certification and Accreditation with authority to operate (ATO); support all modifications, upgrades and enhancements; provide infrastructure and network services support; provide Technical Help Desk Services 24x7x365; perform automated testing and quality assurance for DHS geospatial systems, solutions, and applications.

This BPA allows the DHS community an efficient and effective vehicle for contracting with proven, vetted geospatial resources.

GTSS 2.0 Points of Contact


Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)

Lewis Summers

(202) 603-6304

GTSS Program Office

Strategic Sourcing Program Office (SSPO)

Samantha Mehl


Business Development

Michael Matechak

(703) 967-4505


Noah Goodman

(571) 331-6138


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