Contract Number: HSHQDC-13-A-00046
Date Awarded: June, 2015
Task Order Number: HSBP1015J00166
Task Order Name:  Customs Border Protection Geospatial Service Center (GSC)

The mission of GSC is to establish a foundation of geographic information by planning, coordinating, and implementing GIS services, standards and programs to support the unique business needs of CBP, USBP, and the communities served.  By enhancing situational awareness, the GSC aims to increase operational effectiveness, enhance officer safety, facilitate change detection and promote efficient, cost effective resource deployment. The GSC produces, manages and disseminates geospatial information products in multiple formats and provides tools, training and analysis to users of geospatial data and technologies.

Ardent Impact:
Since June 2015, the ArdentMC team has provided geospatial support to help increase border control and contribute to CBP. With advances in mapping technology and geospatial intelligence, ArdentMC continues to implement new ways of keeping our borders protected and ensure the safety of the United States.

Creating Mapping Applications that Visualize Complex Data for Easier Problem-Solving

Composing cartographic products that bring value to decision-makers

Designing graphic products and marketing materials that educate leaders about the GSC’s work

Spatial data collection, creation and editing

Training the field to use GIS-based products that bolster situational awareness

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