Contract Number: HSHQDC-13-A-00046
Date Awarded: September 25, 2013

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Geospatial Technical Support Services (GTSS) Department-Wide Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) provides capability for supporting programs throughout DHS with geospatial and common operating picture technology requirements. This includes delivering critical geospatial mission aid in the areas of emergency management of natural and manmade disasters, planning for National Special Security Events, support of border security, immigration and customs enforcement, maritime security and other law enforcement missions, and essential infrastructure protection such as contributing situational awareness capability to DHS Operations that rely on location-based technologies. The BPA provides a full range of geospatial technical support services including solutions engineering, system design and implementation, applications development, analytics and data processing activities, enterprise and technical architecture actions, operations and maintenance, and program and project management services. DHS requires access to these types of geospatial resources to produce maps of natural hazards such as floodplains, to assess critical infrastructure risk and vulnerabilities, to trace and monitor law enforcement activities and support reconnaissance operations in a wide range of scenarios. This BPA allows the DHS community an efficient and effective vehicle for contracting with proven, vetted resources for meeting geospatial missions.

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