Cloud Capabilities

ArdentMC has over ten years of experience supporting federal departments and agencies leverage our experience with data center challenges and opportunities into qualified expertise for conceptualizing cloud architecture, developing and Agile deployment proof of concept, and migrating Legacy Data Centers to a cloud environment. We are well versed in helping clients achieve FedRAMP and FISMA compliance and authority to operate (ATO) in a variety of cloud providers. ArdentMC is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector Partner Program member, enabling our team to access necessary tools and training for emerging technologies. Our approach for cloud strategy begins with an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and the ability to drop data services, applications, or components of applications on supported infrastructure. As the cloud solution matures, elements such as Data as a Service (DaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) mature with it.

Migrate from Data Centers to the Cloud

Integrate new and existing capabilities with cloud services
Utilize development and test environments in the cloud that duplicate the production footprint

Meet Customer Requirements

Strategized new cloud offerings
Obtain FedRAMP, FISMA, GovCloud compliance

Using Agile DevOps Methodologies

Define all machine configurations, security hardening, and application configurations
Automate work flow to customize the process
Save time and money by replacing human error
Automate testing
Provide Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Defining IT Governance with Cloud Environments

Strong background in obtaining FISMA High ATO
Expertise developing ICAM solutions
Ensure balance between security parameters and system operations
Establish framework for regulatory compliance for privacy and data safeguards
Utilize hardened environments consistent with GovCloud STIG requirement

Public Safety Cloud

The vision of the public safety cloud is to, “Serve the public safety community by providing IT capabilities to meet operational capabilities at minimal cost.” ArdentMC provides IT capabilities tailored for public safety that are securely delivered: on‐demand, at internet scale, designed for mission critical workloads, and at low cost.

Our nation’s first responders face the constant and critical challenge of responding safely, quickly, and effectively to a variety of events (e.g. accidents, house fires, hurricanes, floods). By continuing to operate traditional IT infrastructure, state and local governments were not able to realize the cost, performance, and efficiency benefits of migrating to a cloud service provider. The public safety cloud provides First Responders and Public Safety Officials in all levels of government a cost‐effective, collaborative, scalable, secure environment to support mission critical workloads ranging from everyday 911 responses, to major disaster events. ArdentMC’s public safety cloud approach contains an additive layer of services critical to the public safety community above those provided by a traditional cloud service provider, including a governance model for vetting the feasibility of available applications, specific tools for first responders, and defining a paradigm for maintenance. Additionally, we offer over three years of experience in vision and architecture experience, including architecting cloud solutions for mission‐critical operations.

Benefits of the Public Safety Cloud

Shared environment fosters a “community” development model to share applications, data, CONOPS, and capabilities across the public safety community
Consistent, scalable, simple, and standards‐based information sharing services to foster standards adoption, interoperability, and increased information sharing
Flexible, inexpensive, and secure environment that allows for increased innovation and experimentation of new capabilities and analytics
Cost‐effective approach to promote sharing of best practices, tradecraft, and technology to better inform and support emergency management and first responder missions.