Agile Capabilities

Design and structure strengthen the value.

ArdentMC’s Agile+ approach to Software Development provides a high-energy, highly-flexible framework to support client projects in the Federal government.  Agile+ represents enhancements to the Agile process designed to clearly facilitate the adoption and use of Agile within existing Software Engineering Lifecycles established through Federal policy and statue.  Through a respect for the artifacts, combined with the flexibility to maneuver, results delivered for end-clients meet and exceed expectations. Agile+ provides all of these benefits for Federal agencies, while maintaining all the benefits familiar to high performance development teams.  

ArdentMC understands the need involve the client in every aspect of the development cycle.  Only through this involvement, are development teams able to develop solutions that can be responsive to the changing mission needs of an organization.

Through communication and iterative development, Agile teams can best understand and discuss your requirements. Empowered teams will figure out the best way to get things done, delivering faster with more collaborative innovation.

ArdentMC Agile teams work in small groups, focused on discreet components, managed with industry-leading agile/XP tools.  ArdentMC believes in Agile, and through Agile+, has successfully mapped Agile to the needs of the Federal government.


Agile methodology focuses on completing discrete increments of software functionality, through team collaboration and engagement with key stakeholders. Agile methodology significantly reduces project risk, delivering value and working software capabilities much earlier in the lifecycle. Other benefits of Agile include: increased productivity, increased return on investment, creates a sustainable development environment, enables innovation, builds trust and relationships, expects continuous improvement and is motivating and engaging.