Mobile devices with Sentry


Sentry Mobile

From desktop to phone to tablet, manage events from anywhere. Collaborate with first responders and stakeholders in real-time for the latest updates at your fingertips wherever you are.

Sentry Mobile is an event management tool featuring real-time collaboration and communication for security leadership, first responders and law enforcement professionals using a social media style event stream on a mobile platform. Other unique features of the application include GPS-enabled asset tracking in space and time, intuitive mapping tools, location-aware photo management, location-aware status boards and reporting capabilities.


  • Severity and Priority Status Indications
  • Real-Time Monitoring & Visual Indicators
  • Time /Location Stamps
  • Command Center Style


  • Manage Multiple Events
  • Chronological Event Stream
  • Multiple Data Feeds and Overlays
  • Chat, SMS, Social Media
  • Checklists and Reports
  • Platform Administration


  • Software as a Service
  • Integration with Multiple Identity Providers
  • GPS Aware
  • Interoperable Data Standards
  • Role-based Access to Data and Features